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Wising our future Grade 9 students all the best in September!
Please click here to download the Grade 9 Orientation day at GDHS
Save the date for Wednesday August 31, 2016 ~ 8am to 12pm

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Grade 8 Celebration for Wednesday June 29th, 2016 below




8:30 am

Centennial gym

Rehearsal for grad, in homerooms, alphabetical order

6:30 pm

Arrive at church – Georgetown Living Hope Alliance Church, 290 Main St. S. (8th Line)

Be dressed for grad, arrive at back door at ground level that enters into the gym.  Here you will check in with your teacher, and line

up in alphabetical order. NOTE: parents are not permitted in the gym.

6:40 pm

Georgetown Living Hope Alliance Church

Parents and guests must enter at the front doors and check in at a table, signs indicating their child’s homeroom. NOTE: each student is entitled to 2 guests max.

7:00 pm

Georgetown Living Hope Alliance Church

Grad ceremony begins, classes sit alphabetically in homerooms, teachers will take one class up at a time and each student will be called to walk across the stage, receive your “fake” diploma and shake hands, pause for a quick picture and then exit the stage, walk down the aisle out the door and come back in through another door to return to your seat.

Approx. 8:00 pm

Georgetown Living Hope Alliance Church

Exit the ceremony, return to the gym where you will hand in your “fake diploma” and pick up your real certificate.

Meet family outside and friends--take pictures

8:30 pm

Centennial – gym

First Dances with Parents (there will be 2-3 songs to fit everyone in)  After that parents are asked to leave, but return by 10:30pm for student pick up.

9:00 pm

Centennial hallway

Food and drinks will be served.  Please note-no food or drink allowed in the gym, and no wandering the back hallways.

10:30 pm

Centennial Entrance way

Parents are to pick students up promptly.

Public Consultation:   English and French as a Second Language (FSL) Programming 2015-2016  

Process and timelines for community input now posted

June 7, 2016: At the June 1, 2016 Board meeting Trustees of the Halton District School Board received Report #16096 concerning program viability of elementary English and French Immersion programming. The report was presented to Trustees after nearly a year of extensive research and stakeholder consultation work by the Program Viability Committee (PVC).

The recommendation presented to Trustees states:

1. Be it resolved that the Halton District School Board adopt Option 6, Grade 2 Entry to the French Immersion program at 100% intensity in existing single and dual track schools, as outlined in Report 16096.

2. Be it resolved that this model begin in Grade 2 of school year 2018/19. Entry into Grade 1 of our current FI model will cease after the 2016/17 school year and the 2017/18 Grade 1 cohort will be English program only.

3. Be it resolved that students enrolled in our current FI model be ‘grandparented’ and allowed to complete elementary school in the current model.

Trustees will hear from stakeholders at a Special Delegation Night scheduled for Monday, June 13, 2016. The list of the 10 delegations will be posted on the board website under “Boardroom and Trustees” on Friday, June 10.  

I would welcome any input that the parents & teachers in your school might have regarding the recommendation that is currently before the board. 

I can be contacted best through email  

Thanks everyone. 

Jeanne Gray, Trustee