Welcome to Centennial Public School's Library
Bienvenue à la bibliothèque de Centennial

Centennial’s library provides a wide variety of current resources for research and most importantly, enjoyment.  Our library has been valued by past and present administration resulting in a well-developed collection, and welcoming atmosphere.  With the cooperation of staff and a teacher librarian, who has a regular daily schedule, the library remains open all school day. An itinerant library technician enthusiastically supports us with her expertise. The suggestions made by staff and students are greatly appreciated and help me to continue to build a collection that is responsive to the needs, interests and reading abilities of our school community. I believe that if you don’t like to read it is because the right book has not found you yet.  See me; this is where you will find that book.

Library Cards        

Each student has a card that is kept on the circulation desk. 
Students, when you have made your choice, teachers or the library staff will sign books out for you. You may sign out 2 books at a time and the length of time is two weeks.  Magazines are circulated for 3 days.  Reference material (R) must remain in the library for use by all.  Every time you sign out material it is entered into your account until it is returned.  Please return or renew books in order to be fair to other students and to help track these valuable resources.  You may be prevented from signing out more books until you return the overdue material. If you have lost or damaged a book please see the teacher librarian or library technician to make arrangements to replace it.  Costs vary as to the book.

Mrs. Fairthorne
Teacher Librarian