Whole School:

Today is our Social Action fair. We have over 30 tables representing various charities. You can buy clothes, collectables, food, play games or bid in a silent auction. Prices range from 25 cents to 8 dollars. You’ll have fun  participating and all the money will be donated to charity. Our fair will take place over both breaks. Classes 6-5 will display their goods during first break. If you don’t see anything you like - no problem - you will have a whole new set of booths to look at during second break when 6-6 displays their wares. Remember bring your loose change and buy, eat or play while supporting others who need our help.

The Art room (room 2) will be open ALL of  second break for students to pick up work

This is a reminder that all personal mouthpieces and instruments need to be taken from the music room today.

Could yearbook members come to Room 23 at the eating part of first break today.

Grade 6’s:

Grade 7’s:

Grade 8’s:  If your parents agree that you may leave school early tomorrow, you must bring in a letter of permission today and give it to your homeroom teacher.