Halton Food For Thought

Halton Food for Thought partners with the Boards of Education and the community to operate Student Nutrition Programs in our schools. These volunteer led meal and snack programs provided over 86,000 Halton students access to healthy food at school. Halton Food for Thought believes that when given access to healthy food, every student has their best chance for success.

Students who eat healthy food during the school day are better prepared to focus on their studies and to achieve higher grades. Schools with Student Nutrition Programs report an increase in student achievement, increased attendance and a decrease in student suspensions and expulsions.

Without Halton Food for Thought partner programs, many students would go without food during the school day or would not be exposed to as many fresh fruits and vegetables.

They say it takes a village to raise a child; it takes a generous community to feed students the healthy food they need to fuel their success!